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Credit Cards – Angels or Demons?

Today we will be investigating credit cards.

Please go to this website:


We will be working in this order…


1 Advantages of Credit Cards

2 Disadvantages of Credit Cards

3 Credit Card Facts


4 “I Paid How Much?” Quiz

5 Debt Calculator

6 “Credit Card IQ” Quiz

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  1. May 19, 2010 at 10:56 am

    You can buy certain purchases with a credit card that you cant make with only cash
    You can build up good credit history and get rewards
    If you get into an emergency you can use it to bail you out
    You can take time to pay it off just incase you don’t have the money at the moment
    You can buy things such as aphone plan a house or a car.,
    Pay bills if you have a low income
    Help your family make certain purchases

    Its to tempting
    You purchase things and over look the price which can leave you in debt
    You can get into major debt which can hold you back
    If your debt get worse certain company wouldn’t let you buy there products at the retail price
    They can take away certain properties or valuables that you own
    you can get into serious DEBT!

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