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How do families compensate for low net pay?


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  1. May 18, 2010 at 10:57 am

    1)what are credit cards?
    credit cards are used to pay for things when you dont have the money for it, it is a convinient way to pay for your expenses.

    2)what function do they serve?
    they serve as a way to get line of unsecure credit for consumers.

    3)how do families use them?
    they can use this card to pay off nessacary needs and wants when the money is not availible to them.

    4)why are they called eletric money?
    it is called eletric monney because you dont physically see the money. when the card is swiped the credit company sends the money to the merchant eletrinocally.

    5)how do you use a credit card in a store describe?
    it through a scanning machine that reads the card information from the magnetic strip on the back.

    how des it actually work?
    what is the difference btw credit cards and debit cards?

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