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Bill of Rights Project coming to a close…

Your mind-maps are due Friday. Your final project is due Wednesday.

Here are the groups and the project leaders are in bold.

Period 3:

Group 1: Angelica, Moises, Manuela

Group 2: Melissa, Saleda, Francisco, Sandra

Group 3: Gigi, Cristina, Santiago, Nelly

Group 4: Andrea A., Balraj, Jasmin

Group 5: Connie, Denis,  Jennifer M.

Group 6: Glenda, James, Katherine

Group 7: Jennifer C., Andrea R., Gabriel

Group 8: Danelly, Cruz, Nicole, Joshua

Group 9: Erika, Carolina, Jeffrey

Group 10: Yesenia, Ismael, Alex

Period 5:

1. Michelle, Christopher,  Lazaro

2. Jeffrey, Marlene, Jessica W.

3. Jennifer B., Paola, Joseph Campbell

4. Sebastian, Franchelly, Andres

5. Wendy, Eddys,  Marisol

6. Olga, Joanna, Robert, Allen M.

7. Victoria, Dominique,  Eliana

8. Catter, Jonathan, Michelle G.

9. Jessica R., Johnny, and Stephanie

10. Heriberto, Chabely, Mossogbe

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