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Roadblock averted…

Kids talking at a table and the age limit on alcohol is brought up.

At the table: Olga, Franchelly, Chabely, Michelle B., Michelle G., Catter, Eddy and Jonathan, Heriberto.

Scene 1:

Restaurant  Still Imageà Robert

All kids at table, talking.


It was mad funny, cuz it was the white guy playing the black guy

Everyone laughs

No but seriously the movie was dumb funny

Yo, there were mad heads in the movie theater., though.

No but seriously, what do you guys think about the military?

That’s wack

Why? (defensive) My brother is in the military

How old is he?


So your brother can’t even drink and he’s in the military?

Yea, what’s your point?

I’m just saying that it’s funny how we could do certain things but we can’t do others.

Old man picks up1

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  1. Marlene B.
    October 27, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    Ms. Sued is the scene u posted the NEW ‘Scene 1’ ???

  2. October 23, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    ACT four

    FADE IN:


    Little boy is lying on his bed (belly down legs crossed in the air) finishing his homework).

    An adult man V.O.:

    Why I outta!! (Pauses and sighs in anger)
    You never my dinner on TIME! When I come
    home I want my home clean and my food ready!
    An adult Women V.O.
    I’m tired of you yelling at me! I can’t do everything
    At once I’m not an octopus! I cook I clean I take care of your kids, it’s a lot to handle! (The voice is rough, scratchy, yelling in a angered tone as if she had had enough)

    Old man V.O.: during the prohibition the arguing never stopped. it actually got worse, i couldn’t deal with it any more! (Little boy cover his ears and then throw his HW on the floor out of frustration and disturbance from his parents arguing.)
    An adult man V.O.:
    Oh shut your trap! I’m out of here! (Window opens,
    You can here cars passing by, he yells out to a bootlegger)
    let me get an once of that good ol whiskey so i can stop
    l istening to this old hag yap away!


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